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Opt for the electronic sharing of the medical records of your patients

The Brussels Health Network

The Brussels Health Network allows healthcare providers to share, for the same patient, electronic health records (examination results, medical reports, mails,…)

When a patient consults different healthcare providers, is victim of an accident or has been hospitalized, all the healthcare providers playing a role in these cases can have access, with the patient consent, to his data.

The shared medical records advantages ?

This medical information sharing between healthcare providers makes the care of the patient easier and contributes to improve the quality and security of the medical treatment.

Through this network, you have, as a doctor, access to some medical records of your patients in real time and in complete security. The data available on the Brussels Health Network can originate from health institutions located throughout Belgium.


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NEW : Activate the access of your patient to their health recors right now.

The electronic access of the patient to his medical records is part of the e-health action plan approved by all the Belgian ministers of health. As healthcare providers, you can allow your patients to consult only the records that you published. Discover all the information about the subject and the instructions manual to activate this option.

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Find the latest trainings in Brussels to help you better understand eHealth. We help you out in the learning procedure of electronic sharing of medical data. You are not alone anymore.


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